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How to Search for a Property

This guide covers some of the basics for searching on the site, instructions for accessing extra property information and using the Google map.

The Basics

Firstly you need to choose either a buying or rentals search. As default the buying page is loaded, but you can change to rentals by using the site navigation located on the top left of every page.

Begin by entering your basic search criteria. This must be a postcode or a town / location. A full postcode is not required, as only the first part of the postcode is used for property searches. The scope of your search can then be narrowed further by specifying a price range and number of bedrooms. The search results can be displayed as a normal list or viewed on a map

Refining your search criteria

Once the initial results have been returned, you can refine your search criteria using the options on the right of the page. Further search options are available once the results have been returned.

help image of the search refine section

Viewing further details of a property

To see more details for a property click the ‘View details’ link. The property details page shows all the available information for the property, which may include a full brochure, floor plan, virtual tour and location on the map. Click on the tabs below the property’s price to access any extra information which the Estate Agent may have added to the property.

example of navigational properties tabs, used to access extra property information

Please note

The brochures are in PDF format. To open these files a free piece of software called Abode Acrobat must be installed on your computer. Most computers have this program installed, but if yours doesn't you can download it from the Adobe website.

To access the Virtual Tours another piece of free software called Java must be installed on your computer. If you do not have Java installed on your computer it can be downloaded from the Java website.

If you do not want to view brochures or access virtual tours no downloads are needed but you now know where to access the software.

Using the map view

Property search results can be displayed on a Google map instead of the default list. You can view properties on a map from the initial search page or by clicking on the ‘View properties on map’ tab. Properties are shown on the map as ‘house’ icons, along with information on local schools and transport links. Click on the icon to view a picture of the property and click on the links in the info window to view further details for the property or to add the property to your shortlist. If there are multiple properties on the same point of the map the icon will be red and clicking on this will bring up the details of these properties. Each property’s details can then be accessed via the tabs on the info window.

help example of multiple properties icon on the Google map

On the map you can zoom in and out using the plus and minus symbols located on the top left of the map. You can move to a new area of the map by clicking on the arrows or by clicking and dragging with your mouse. The new properties may take short while to load.

Try the Satellite and Hybrid views by clicking on the buttons located in the top right of the map. These will enable you to see a Satellite view of the area, which can be very useful when buying a house, allowing you to get acquainted with the local area.

help example of satellite view on the Google map

Further help and information can be found on the Google map help pages.

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